Top Tampa FL Restaurants For Your Family’s Vacation

Part of Hillsborough County, Tampa FL is working on its first half million people. Traveling through Florida, you might have been to Tampa before even if you haven’t vacationed there. It’s quite the popular city, and there are great attractions and beaches there. You are also going to get a great bite to eat if you choose one of these top Tampa restaurants.

Wright’s Gourmet House is located on S Dale Mabry Highway, and have you heard of a beef martini? They have gourmet cakes, sandwiches, salads and more. Stopping by Wright’s Gourmet House certainly seems like a treat. According to the reviews, the restaurant was also remodeled not too long ago.

Eddy V’s Prime Seafood is Tampa’s next best establishment, and then you have La Terrazza Restaurant and Brocato’s Sandwich Shop. Happy Fish rounds out the top five restaurants, but let’s take a closer look at what’s beneath the surface. Datz Tampa is located on MacDill Avenur, and they have what is known as monkey bread. They also have delicious sandwiches, burgers and everything you need for brunch.

Then there is a restaurant called Ulele, which is located on N Highland Avenue. Ulele serves up delicious duck, oysters, chili, meatloaf and more. Daily Eats is another top spot located on Howard Avenue. They have burgers, French toast, grits and all kinds of goodies on the menu.

La Teresita Restaurant is located on West Columbus Drive, and roast pork, yellow rice, Cuban bread and all kinds of delicious Cuban Cuisine. On Swann is another top selection off of Swann Avenue, and this place served up beet salads, hot chicken, pork chops and more. Besito Mexican Restaurant is up next, and it is located in West Shore Plaza.

What do you think about these top Tampa restaurant picks so far? There are some good ones for sure. If you have never tried Cuban Cuisine in Florida, that is one thing you will want to do. Tampa has approximately 1,694 restaurants, so these several mentioned here did a lot right to be near the top.

Think about that as you search out places to eat in Tampa. You will see all kinds of cool places, but you will be able to find the highlighted restaurants here, too. We did the homework for you, and these restaurants are top notch. Your Tampa vacation just got that much better, don’t you think?