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Off-Duty Firefighter Saves Neighbor’s Life

Luigi Young, a Tampa firefighter saved the life of his 51-year old neighbor. While off-duty on Tuesday at home, Young saw smoke coming from his neighbor’s home. Recognizing the danger, he called the fire crew and rushed to the scene to make sure no one was in the house. While at the scene he started fighting the fire with a gardening hose, only to hear someone coughing in the house. At this point, he rushed into the house and located his neighbor. Importantly, he rushed his neighbor outside, rescuing him from imminent danger and saving his life.

A Hillsborough County Fire Rescue firefighting crew arrived at King Tom Place to find Young and the neighbor outside while the fire razing on. The crew then endeavored to stop the fire and rescue trapped pets. They were able to rescue two parrots. Additionally, two dogs were removed from the fire, but the crew was unable to resuscitate them. Young’s neighbor was treated at the scene and rushed to the hospital for further treatment as he suffered severe smoke inhalation. The homeowner remains in ICU receiving treatment while the parrots are doing well. The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The Best Places IN Tampa To Catch New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, Tampa residents should decide where best to catch some New Year’s Eve fireworks show. Herein are some of the best places to enjoy fireworks display:

Clearwater Beach – a free and public event.

Florida Aquarium – the annual Aqua Eve offer a stunning fireworks display and function as a fundraising event for the aquarium.

Downtown Tampa

Busch Gardens – you have to pay regular admission to the theme park.

Gulfport Casino Ballroom

Circles Waterfront Restaurant at Apollo Beach.