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Inside Mosaic’s search for corporate real estate in Tampa – Tampa Bay Business Journal

The Mosaic Co.’s relocation of its corporate headquarters to Hillsborough County will be a win for a landlord in the Tampa area.

The phosphate giant’s real estate search is in the preliminary stages, and office space across the county is in the running, Ben Pratt, Mosaic’s vice president of corporate public affairs, told the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

“We are considering downtown Tampa as well as our existing office buildings in FishHawk and Highland Oaks,” Pratt wrote in an email.

Pratt said the size of Mosaic’s Florida headquarters is to be determined, though it’s rumored in commercial real estate circles to be looking for 30,000 square feet...

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Could virtual reality change Miami’s real estate industry? | Miami Herald

To most people, virtual reality is synonymous with a cool but unessential toy — the domain of video games, sci-fi movies and pop entertainments such as “Ready Player One.”

But as virtual reality matures and improves, a growing number of industries is finding creative uses for the technology. According to Entrepreneur, Walmart uses VR to train its salespeople. A 12-month study by Duke University found VR can help paraplegics with chronic spinal cord injury to restore locomotion. According to Endgadget, long lines of people waited to test drive new cars by Chevrolet, Ford and Honda at the 2018 North American International Auto Show using VR headseats. Royal Caribbean Cruises has designed some of their ships entirely on virtual reality.

Now the real estate industry is joining the VR cra...

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